Decoding Gen Z: A Practical Guide to Research Success

Dive into Gen Z research strategies that embrace authenticity, shareability, and tailored messaging. Elevate your understanding of this dynamic generation now!

Navigating the intricate landscape of Gen Z is no walk in the park. As the curtain rises on a new generation of consumers, traditional research approaches may fall short. At Ayda, we're rolling up our sleeves to equip you with the savvy strategies you need to crack the Gen Z code.

This is the first of a two-part series about adapting your research to a new generation. We will be focusing on recruitment in this post followed by a post focused on the research itself.


Gen Z: A digital frontier 📲

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all research tactics. Gen Z is rewriting the rulebook, reshaping how we interact with products and traverse user journeys. In this two-part series, we dissect the Gen Z puzzle, starting with recruitment strategies and delving into conducting Gen Z research.


Crafting connections in a digital universe 🌍

Recruiting Gen Z requires a recalibrated approach. Their quirky nature demands a digital-first strategy, and that means mastering the art of social media engagement. Here's the essence: Speed, Clarity and Shareability.

Social media is known for being fast paced and scrollable so whatever it is that you’re sharing must be easy to understand and absorb, to the point and packed with a punch if you want to get people’s attention. With this, a 2015 study found that. in general, humans have an 8-second attention span when it comes to viewing information on a web page before looking somewhere else.

So, with an attention span that rivals a goldfish’s, Gen Z demands content that hits the mark in seconds. Keep it concise, compelling, and fit for sharing. Authenticity is the currency of trust here, so letting your message resonate with transparency is key.


Speaking Gen Z's language 🗣

In a world where time is precious and scrolling is constant, your message must break through the digital noise. The Gen Z dialogue is rooted in conciseness and authenticity. Ditch the wordy narratives; opt for a conversational tone that speaks their language. When trust is earned, engagement follows.


Harness the power of shareability

Gen Z's love affair with shareable content is your golden ticket. Encourage them to amplify your message by sharing it with like-minded peers. It's a shortcut to expanding your reach while building a tribe of Gen Z advocates.


Celebrating Gen Z's diversity 🌈

Jennifer Reid, our Gen Z research specialist, offers a sage piece of advice:

“Don't paint Gen Z with a broad brush. Recognize the nuances among young Gen Zs, older members, and young millennials. Their digital footprints vary, and understanding these distinctions is pivotal.”


Do it like Ayda: Embrace personalisation 🎁

Segmentation is your Gen Z superpower. Tailor your research to the different Gen Z segments to uncover unique insights. This personalized approach fuels deeper connections and uncovers meaningful insights.


Ayda: Your Gen Z ally 💪🏽

In a landscape reshaped by Gen Z, Ayda stands as your dedicated companion. Our research operations platform takes the hassle out of the equation, automating tasks and ensuring GDPR compliance. This frees you to concentrate on deciphering Gen Z's enigma.

Elevate your Gen Z research game with Ayda!


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