Save 5 Days a Month With Ayda's ResOps Suite

Efficiently manage research participants from consent to incentive payment, all in one place.

Designed for all types of research, our suite of ResOps tools seamlessly scales to meet your needs. 

Ayda Pay

Trusted by research professionals and organisations

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Streamline your research operations for maximum productivity

The non-research tasks in research projects are vital to success, but invisible in output. Ayda streamlines and manages these tasks for you, saving you up to 5 days a month.

From managing research participant communications and consent, to making incentive payments, identifying participant fraud, and handling GDPR and secure data retention, Ayda's got you covered. 

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Benefits of using Ayda


Save time & increase productivity

Streamline your research operations processes with Ayda's user-friendly product suite. Save up to 5 days a month on ResOps tasks – and use the time to focus on insights instead!

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Retain participants with direct-to-bank payments

‍Incentivise participants with payment direct to their bank account, without the need to collect bank details or PII, and watch your attendance, completion and retention rates soar.

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Enjoy data security & compliance

Avoid the complexity of dealing with payment and holding unwanted participant data. Ayda takes care of it for you with our bank-level security protects your data and our platform.

Research organisations love Ayda

As an ISO-accredited company, compliance and GDPR is incredibly important to us. With Ayda we make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It’s less stress for me, our recruiters are happier, the participants are happier, everyone is happier

We care hugely that participants have a good experience. I want them to have enjoyed it, to want to do another group – it means we get better participation. Swift and prompt payment for your time adds to that. With Ayda the whole process feels slick. I’ve just met you and now I’m authorizing your payment. Thank you very much. I think that’s hugely important.

Ayda saves me hours of work every time I use it. Who has time to collect bank details and make individual payments anymore? Ayda handles it all for me so I can pay participants quickly and get back to delivering research to my clients.