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Press Release: Ayda Announces Next Generation Research Operations Suite

Research Operations software specialist delivers next generation of its suite of tools, promising customers even greater efficiency and ease of use.

7 May 2024, London, UK. Research Operations platform Ayda today announced the next generation of its eponymous suite of tools, with a focus on enhancing efficiency for users in research organisations.

The next generation of ReOps tools has been envisioned with assistance from customer feedback, and focuses on delivering an even more intuitive and streamlined user experience.

“We’re always looking for ways to provide our customers with a better, more efficient experience,” said CEO & Founder Shifra Cook.

“We’re excited to offer an even smoother, more streamlined experience for users in research organisations that will help them to spend even less time on ReOps tasks, and more time engaged in delivering insights.”

When Ayda launched, its value in streamlining ReOps tasks was quickly established. With a broad range of functionality that spans participant management, payment, and communication, users quickly discovered that using Ayda saved them significant amounts of time, with some reporting saving as many as 5 days a month thanks to the platform.

“ReOps tasks are vital to the success of research projects, but have traditionally been manual and disconnected, and therefore very time-consuming,” commented Cook.

“We are confident that this next generation of Ayda will continue to delight our customers with the smooth, streamlined experience it provides – and we anticipate that they will quickly save even more than 5 days a month!”

About Ayda

Ayda makes it quick and easy to accomplish a range of Research Operations tasks, from participant management and communications, through to making direct-to-bank payments. Researchers can save up to 60 days a year while also delivering an optimal participant experience, which has been shown to increase participant retention. Founded in 2021 by CEO Shifra Cook, Ayda is known and loved by leading research organisations and teams across the UK and US, including EssenceMediacom, Firefish and Yonder Consulting.


Press contact

Laura Lilienthal, Fractional CMO
+44 7948 568 602

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