From Busy to Productive

How Ayda can help move your team from busy to productive.

What is Ayda?

Ayda is the research operations (ReOps) platform that powers teams to deliver industry-defining user insights faster. With Ayda, you can pay and manage your participants, manage consent, recruit, and screen for your projects, all with security and participants at the front of your mind.

Ayda was founded by Shifra Cook, an experienced researcher, entrepreneur, and strategist. Shifra created Ayda after noticing how much time researchers spend on administrative tasks outside of conducting their research. Sending invitation emails, scheduling interviews, sifting through spreadsheets, and keeping track of consent documentation took time away from what really mattered and why researchers do their job: the research.

Unfortunately, with so much time spent on admin, participants were unintentionally being put on the back burner. Taking a participant-first approach – Ayda saves valuable time for researchers while also creating a smooth and secure environment for participants, enabling them to claim their incentives quickly and how they choose.

Who is Ayda for?

Ayda was created for anyone and everyone who conducts market or user research. From first-time user researchers to independent market researchers with 20 years of experience – Ayda streamlines operational tasks for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With Ayda, remote teams can collaborate in real-time, ensuring that your team can work together at every step wherever you are in the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ayda and how it can fit seamlessly into your research process, please schedule a 30-minute call with an Ayda expert.

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