Reduce the Risk of Research Participant Fraud

Ayda Trust protects the integrity of research data

Gain a unique, market-wide view of participant trustworthiness - effortlessly. Benefit from increased value with each use of Ayda Trust.

Contribute to a collaborative, industry-wide solution to participant fraud, designed for any company that pays incentives to research participants.

Ayda Trust

A solution built to serve the research sector

To stand any chance of stamping out fraud, we need to collaborate across the research sector - but legal, privacy, and commercial concerns have always stood in our way.

Ayda Trust's innovative approach enables users to collaboratively solve fraud without directly sharing data. It uses sophisticated machine learning and anonymised, aggregated participant data to build a picture of trustworthiness - a Trust Score.

The more that Ayda Trust is used, the more real-time data there is on each participant. Meaning with every use, users both derive and create value for themselves, as well as for the industry at large.

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Why choose Ayda Trust?

  • High-quality data

  • Designed for the research industry

  • Constantly increases in value

  • Integrated into ResOps tasks

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Ensure you deliver high-quality data

Working with trustworthy participants is critical to collecting high-quality data and delivering meaningful insights.

Ayda Trust helps you to better evaluate how trustworthy your participants are, even before you've invited them to participate in a new study. 

This enables you to make informed decisions, which in turn supports the delivery of high-quality data and insights.

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Use a solution that's designed for research

Existing anti-fraud solutions lack sector-wide utility. Some work only in-survey, meaning you can't build a trusted audience before you start. Others are intrusive, placing a heavy burden on participants, and in turn impacting both recruitment and completion rates.

Designed with the needs of participants and researchers in mind, Ayda Trust uniquely offers the ability to assess the likelihood of fraud amongst participants before they're invited to a study, in a frictionless, non-intrusive way.

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Gain and generate more incremental value with each use

The more Ayda Trust is used, the more value it generates - for individual users, and industry-wide.

By aggregating anonymised data across all participants' interactions with Ayda, you get a unique, market-wide view of participant behaviour.

The more participant data that flows through Ayda Trust, the more accurate view all users will have of participants’ trustworthiness.

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Get added value, without any extra effort

We understand the value of streamlining ResOps tasks - so we've ensured that Ayda Trust is completely effortless, for you and for the participants you're working with.

You don't need to ask participants for more data, or feed any new data in yourself. You don't even need to click a button to generate Trust Scores!

Ayda Trust gathers data from the ResOps services already in use, and automatically generates and updates Trust Scores in real-time, as new data becomes available.

Ayda Trust FAQs

What is Ayda Trust?

Ayda Trust is an anti-fraud solution for anyone who pays research participants.

It uses machine learning to analyse behavioural and transaction data in real-time, meaning fraudulent and professional participants can be identified and flagged, enabling users to check and potentially remove people before they're invited to take part in research studies.

What is a Trust Score?

A Trust Score is how Ayda Trust communicates the trustworthiness of a participant.

Trust Scores are assigned to individual participants in real-time, based on their payment transaction and behavioural data.

There are 3 Trust Scores: Red, Amber, and Green.

How are Trust Scores communicated?

Participant Trust Scores use a colour-coded traffic light system to indicate trustworthiness:

  • Green indicates an individual with no or very minor discrepancies in their data, indicating a high likelihood that they are not fraudulent or a professional participant.

  • Amber indicates that an individual has some discrepancies in their data, indicating a moderate likelihood that they are a professional or fraudulent participant.

  • Red indicates that an individual has significant discrepancies in their data, indicating a high likelihood that they are a professional or fraudulent participant.

How do I generate Trust Scores?

Trust Scores are automatically generated when you upload participant data to Ayda as part of your regular ResOps tasks. You don't need to do anything that you're not already doing!

When can I use Trust Scores?

Trust Scores are available at all times, so you can refer to them whenever you wish.

We recommend using them before inviting participants to a research study, to ensure high quality data from the start.

Is Ayda Trust secure and GDPR compliant?

Ayda Trust is a secure and GDPR compliant solution.

We collect, manage, and process data using bank-level security.

Fraud prevention is a legitimate interest for processing data and participant consent is obtained for the use of their data.

Please refer to our privacy policy and T&Cs for more detailed information.

How does Ayda Trust contribute to research data integrity?

By analysing payment transaction and behavioural data, Ayda Trust helps users gain confidence in the trustworthiness of their participants, and thus the integrity of their data. .

How can I get started with Ayda Trust?

To start using Ayda Trust, you must also be an Ayda Pay customer.

To get started, please book a call with our team!

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