Progressive Partnership Case Study

Progressive Partnership is a research agency that conduct research on behalf of numerous institutions, from government to healthcare. This is one of several contributing factors to their steadfast adherence to data security and GDPR compliance:

“As an ISO-accredited company, compliance and GDPR is incredibly important to us. With Ayda we make sure nothing falls through the cracks.”

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The challenge

Progressive Partnership is an ISO-accredited research agency, meaning they ensure compliance matching legal and regulatory requirements. Progressive Partnership has demonstrated its commitment to retaining high levels of security, and confidentiality and conforming to information security towards its stakeholders.

Previously the job of collecting consent and processing payment was manual and time-consuming. This posed three issues for Progressive, the primary issue was that this old way of working resulted in participant data being held across multiple departments and platforms within the business, which was identified as a significant compliance risk.

The second was that participant consent used to be captured at different stages of the research process meaning forecasting retention within projects could be a challenge. Payments were made manually; inputting bank details or PayPal emails individually would take excessive amounts of time and be a security risk.

Finally, manually disbursing payments, collecting and checking consent, and tracking progress, was a drain on valuable team member resources meaning they had less time to spend time on their research studies.


The solution

Using Ayda, Progressive Partnership are now able to safeguard their participant data on one platform and ensure the business remains compliant with ISO 27001.

The team can manage, track, and download participant consent all in one location while forecasting attendance rates to mitigate against risk of drop out with Ayda’s status tracker showing live updates every step of the way.

Using Ayda has streamlined research operations and significantly reduced manual processes for Progressive Partnership giving them the time and capacity to focus on the research itself.


The result

In using the capabilities of the platform, the team deliver projects on time and to budget, reducing drop out risk and stress whilst maintaining rigorous levels of compliance throughout.  

Not only has Ayda benefited the Progressive team, but participants are also happy that they can claim their incentive to the destination they choose within minutes of it being authorised, delivering a better experience for all:

“It’s less stress for me, our recruiters are happier, the participants are happier, everyone is happier”.

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