Why Ayda?

Because the participant experience is fundamental to quality data collection

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It's time to rethink the participant experience

The participant experience has been overlooked for too long. Poor experience is one of the main contributors to the high attrition and low completion rates seen today. This, coupled with high rates of fraud, has the capacity to bring the research industry to its knees.

If we’re serious about addressing this issue, we have to go back to basics: to understand what's important to participants, and to treat them as the valued customers they are. To build a symbiotic relationship based on mutual benefit, not one based on extracting as much information as possible for as little as possible.

In doing so, it's not just attrition and completion rates that will improve – more people will be encouraged to take part in research, providing businesses with more representative and diverse output.


At Ayda, we know what participants want – and we help you give it to them

We ran a study to better understand what research respondents want. Unsurprisingly, they want a seamless, efficient experience; and they want payment, fast and in their preferred choice of reward.

Critically, 95% of respondents want that reward to be direct-to-bank – i.e. cash.

At Ayda, we’re not shy about saying you should give research respondents what they want. We’re leaning into it. And if you want to do right by your respondents, you will too.


An improved participant experience is better for everyone involved

It's hard enough to find genuine research participants already, so as an industry we're invested in improving the experience. What's interesting is that what research professionals and participants want is very well aligned:

  • To make taking part as easy as possible
    The ideal experience is as quick and easy as possible. Both parties want to spend their time on research; no one wants to spend more than a few minutes on the associated digital paperwork. 
  • To be well rewarded
    Paying participants well creates trust and a positive experience, which makes it easier for research professionals to do their job too.
  • To want to repeat the experience
    Participants who feel appreciated and fairly compensated typically want to participate in further studies. This is great news for research professionals, who otherwise struggle to recruit sufficient new, high-quality, genuine participants.

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