How Research Operations Tools Support UX Research

Research Operations tools provide vital support to UX researchers.

Read on to discover how ReOps tools streamline important but time-consuming tasks, enabling UX researchers to dive more deeply into the delivery of high quality insights.

Efficient ReOps processes are key for UX researchers

Research Operations (ReOps) are mission-critical for timely delivery of UX research and insights. And efficiency is important at every step - from resource management to process implementation, through to data management and incentive payment administration.


Ux researchers used to accept that ReOps tasks were labour-intensive

In the past, UX researchers simply accepted that ReOps tasks required a significant investment of time and energy to be performed well. While UX researchers always welcome the advantages that technology can bring them, they've tended to focus their efforts on improving technologies associated with the UX research experience, rather than ReOps. But this approach means that ReOps is still an unnecessarily heavy burden for busy UX researchers.


ReOps tools save you time

In a market where data quality and nuanced insights are more important than ever, UX researchers need to spend more time on recruiting genuine, high-quality participants – and delivering meaningful insights. And when looking for areas in which to increase efficiency, ReOps is an obvious choice.

UX researchers understand the value of software and tools that serve specific use cases, so they're well-equipped to imagine the significant potential benefits of using ReOps tools designed specifically to handle ReOps tasks!

5 benefits that ReOps tools bring savvy UX researchers 

1. Ensuring consistency and best practices

Everyone doing things their own way can cause real headaches - particularly when it involves manual processes that are open to human error, like cutting and pasting data across platforms. In contrast, high quality ReOps platforms enforce more consistent behaviours, and help to minimise human error. Furthermore, they are buult to balance support for industry best practices, while also allowing a level of customisation to meet real-world needs. 


2. Managing & retaining participants

Research participants have very high expectations for their interactions with UX researchers - which can be very difficult to deliver on when you're busy. A quality ReOps platform will provide you with appropriate levels of customisation and automation to successfully manage and support participants across invitations, consent agreements, and even incentive payments.


3. Being assured that compliance is handled

GDPR and data protection compliance are tricky at the best of times, and UX who don't use ReOps tools may unwittingly expose themselves and their employers to unnecessary levels of risk. A trusted ReOps platform will support compliance and minimise any potential risk as part of its core offering.


4. Saving time

UX researchers understand better than most how specific tools make it quicker and easier to perform specific tasks for specific people. So it's hardly surprising that when it comes to UX researchers performing ReOps tasks, a ReOps tool will create significant time savings. What may be surprising is where the time savings might come from: anything from importing lists and batch-sending invitations, through to automated incentive release and direct-t0-bank payments.


5. Being freed up to add greater value

The less time people spend on ReOps tasks, the more time they have to do what they're passionate about - and what they excel at. It might be taking extra time in designing the participant experience, being able to interview more participants, or simply spending more time on analysis. Whatever it is, you know that it's time better spent than performing tasks that a ReOps tool can do for you.

"It is worth its weight in (digital) gold as far as I'm concerned!"

Kathryn Coles
Director, White Rabbit REsearch

Why UX researchers love Ayda's ReOps tool suite

UX researchers love Ayda's ReOps tool suite because it saves them time - up to 5 days a month, compared to doing tasks manually!

  • Manage & track quickly & easily
    Work independently and with teams. Automate tasks and reminders. Check the status of projects and participants at a glance.

  • Pay incentives instantly - including direct-to-bank
    Pay XU research incentives without manual processing: Ayda Pay makes it instant, even for direct-to-bank payments.

  • Retain UX research participants
    Automate scheduling and reminders, streamline communications, and delight participants with a mobile-first experience.

  • Ensure compliance and research best practices
    Ayda has been developed win line with MRFS best practices, as well as ensuring GDPR compliance.

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